Dick Smith Bust Donations:"The Conundrum"
I cannot and will not charge for the Dick Smith tribute bust, this would defeat the intent of what it was created for and also negate its pay it forward spirit. 
I've been able to send this out on an extremely limited scale and it truly pains me that there are so many other friends and colleagues I would love to send this to but that I am unable to because of the lack of funds.
The solution? I have created a paypal account just for this type of project which can help me continue to "Pay it forward."
I originally wanted a miniature bust done for Dick's birthday but was unable to due to many setbacks so I have decided this might be helpful in easing some of the pain after such a great loss.
The miniature version is based on a modern day laser scan of Dick Smith's lifecast that was done in the mid 1980's.
Marc Tyler generously donated his time to do the scan of Dick Smith's lifecast for me and also added the signature turtle neck and opened the eyes as well, Marc truly paid it forward!  Thank you Marc.  :)
Although I will not charge for the Dick Smith tribute bust my actual costs per mini bust materials and handling is approximately $20-$25 per bust.
Some people have donated more and some people have donated less but it all seems to even out.  :)
Donations can now be
made using the Donate button images below.

 Please include the address you'd like the bust shipped to if it doesn't show up in your PayPal account.
You can use this link to send your address if needed.----> Send Mail

(I can also ship this outside of the US for an additional $10 for First Class International service or $20 for Priority International service.)

I will do my best to turn these around as quickly as possible but please be patient, I'm currently a one man show and this is a labor of love.
Thank you very much for paying it forward, and thank you Dick Smith for everything!  -wf